Ten Laws with East Forest

Matt Graham - Survivalist, Earth Skills, Cave life (#01)

Episode Summary

Matt Graham - survivalist and earth skill expert, seen on Discovery Channel's 'Dual Survivor', 'Dude You're Screwed' and National Geographic's 'Live Free or Die'. We explore how he got the urge to live 6 months outside in the wilderness almost starving to death and where he's headed next.

Episode Notes

Matt Graham was a climber and began studying primitive skills at age 17 in Yosemite Valley. At 20 he was doing search and rescue as a tracker in Sequoia while running and learning to travel the backcountry with no food or gear. Not owning a car, he traveled all over California and parts of Arizona on foot. At 23, he ran the length of California on the Pacific Crest Trail (1750 miles) in 58 days, a record at the time. He once walked off into the wilderness on the Winter Solstice and returned on the Summer Solstice. Matt is a world-class master of the atlatl, and defeated the world champion in seven straight matches. He’s also skilled at hunting with the long bow, and in the primitive arts of brain-tanning hides to make clothing. He’s studied Judo, Tae Kwan Do, Wushu Kung Fu, and Jeet Kune Do. He can be seen on Discovery Channel’s Dual Survivor, Dude You’re Screwed, and National Geographic’s Live Free or Die.