Ten Laws with East Forest

Matt Cochran: Raven Dream Tracking (#03)

Episode Summary

Matt Cochran is an expert on dreams and working with the dream world in a completely unique and poetic way. He lives off the land and in harmony with nature from his home in Southern Utah.

Episode Notes

Matthew Cochran has followed land all his life, a conscious wanderer – after traveling much of the Inner West he continued studies in Eco-psychology (MA) – this navigation between inner and outer geography is the heart of his work. Matthew is a geo-poetic writer, teaches dream-work, practices and implements Permaculture design (Sonoran Permaculture Guild) being especially interested in patterning. Matt has experienced, apprenticed, and guided Rites of Passage and Vision Quests. He is also active in community holding Men’s Councils, sharing and practicing martial arts such as Ninjutsu and Tai Chi, and tends to the surrounding wild lands through ecological protection and restoration. Matthew is a stand for each person to live their unique truth and believes personal sustainability is the beginning of true resilience in a changing world. He lives in in Boulder, in alliance with a remarkable place and community finding vitality and contentment by adapting in accord with nature as best he can.