Ten Laws with East Forest

Guided Meditation - Tension & Trust (#231)

Episode Summary

A guided meditation with original music by East Forest.

Episode Notes

A 19-minute meditation guided by East Forest with original music.  Drop in, tune in, and enjoy.  This meditation originally appeared and was created as part of the East Forest Council on Patreon.  Check it out and join us!  Thank you for your support.





11.01 Boulder, CO* [join waitlist]

11.02 Salt Lake City, UT
11.03 Boise, ID
11.04 Vancouver, Can
11.06 Seattle, WA
11.08 Portland, OR
11.10 Nevada City, CA*
11.11 San Francisco, CA

11.12 Santa Cruz, CA
11.13 Los Angeles, CA
11.15 Las Vegas, CA
11.16 San Diego, CA
11.17 Phoenix, AZ
11.19 Santa Fe, AZ
11.20 Austin, TX
*Seated Venue-Performance

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