Ten Laws with East Forest

Jamie Kilstein - The Cosmic Joke and Coming Together (#117)

Episode Summary

Jamie Kilstein is an American comedian, podcaster and professional "screw up." He has appeared on Conan, THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE, as well as Showtime, FX and the BBC America.

Episode Notes

Comedian Radio Host Writer and Performer Jamie is an incredibly original voice with unwavering views for which he refuses to apologize. With his beat poetry inspired performance style and his socio/political activism Jamie has spearheaded a subculture of comedy fans and socially aware youth and has primed himself to become the voice of a generation.

Jamie got his start opening for comedic greats such as Marc Maron and Doug Stanhope. He was the first comedian to appear on Montreal’s Just For Laughs New Faces and return the next year with his own solo show alongside Bill Burr and Patrice O’Neal.

He has performed all over the world from opening for Moby and Bad Religion at the Sydney Opera House in Australia to warming up the crowd for Sarah Silverman at the Paramount in Austin, Texas in which he received rave reviews from The Guardian, Time Out, The Scotsman and even the late great, Robin Williams.

Kilstein has released three comedy albums, as well as contributed to Funny or Die and The Onion.

Jamie launched his  podcast, THE JAMIE KILSTEIN PODCAST, discussing various artists deepest insecurities and showcasing what he knows best, being a screw up.




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