Ten Laws with East Forest

Shane Norte - Native Mushroom Church (#152)

Episode Summary

Shane Norte is the founder of the Church of the People for the Creator and Mother Earth that facilitates psilocybin journeys on his Native American reservation lands.

Episode Notes

Shane Norte is the Founder of this site and Church "OTPFCME”. He is mixed ancestry with a majority bloodline of Native American. He is enrolled in the Morongo Band Of Mission Indians that have blood-ties to the Paiutes, Lakotas, Serranos, and Luisenos. Currently, he operates a church on his lands on the la Jolla Indian Reservation. His  mission is to help those seeking to better their spiritual knowledge and overall knowledge about being a better Indigenous person and human being here on Earth. 

From their website, "We are 501(c)3organization state registered church Here at the Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth we seek to teach and to inspire the uttermost respect amongst each and for the spaces we occupy as Native People. This church is based out of the La Jolla Indian Reservation near Palomar Mountain. Our goal is to rejuvenate old lost ways of ceremony and worship and to provide a safe space for ceremony and to heal with the changing of times and adapting to the new days for the people. We also wish to establish beautiful communities again based off of new and old ways to which our ancestors used to live here in balance with Creator and Mother Earth."





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